To all my American Friends

Die Wellen schlagen hoch in den USA, auch auf Facebook geifern sich Amerikaner gegenseitig an… Ein Deutscher, befreundet mit Amerikanern aus beiden Lagern, sah sich zu einem Brief veranlasst…

von Thomas Schiller aus den USA

Today your country got a new President.
Here on Facebook I see a lot of opinions, pros and cons, about the man who is leading your nation.
I don’t care who you voted for, but after I saw all these posts I need to tell you something!

As US Citizens you all have the privilege to live under the best Constitution which the folks of a country was giving itself. This constitutions guarantees you the personal freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom to defend against a Government who want’s to put you in a dictatorship, it protects your property and much more. At least it protects your right to decide who should lead the country for another four years!

Most of you are taking the rights you have, protected by your Constitution as granted. You forget, that such rights and such a level of protection is not the reality in other countries, not even in my home country, Germany.

There you can face drastic consequences for having the „wrong“ opinion. A lot of people got already sentenced for that. They had to pay fines, lost their jobs, got removed the business license, got put in the prison, just for saying or writing something. This is Germany in these days, this is not even the former communist part of Germany where I was born and raised! This is the Germany which is a part of the „Free World“. I understand, that not everybody is happy with the result of the election, but at least you guys here are able to elect your president! In Germany you just can vote for political parties. They elect the German Chandler and the German President for us! The POTUS is not almighty, as far as I see. Every 2nd year you can vote for the Senat and/or Congress, both are able to stop the actions of a President, due to the will of the voters. So what are you complaining about? Where is the tolerance which always wants to get claimed by the ones who call themselves „tolerant“? All you guys should start to appreciate that you have the privilege to be Citizens of the oldest Democracy in the world.
You should stop to cry about a decision of the other half of your fellow Americans!

It seems that hate is blindfolding a lot of you! It seems that hate is letting you forget the base which made this country big and strong! It seems that hate made you forgetting the most important base a country has and what was a slogan after 9/11 which impressed me and the many people across the world: UNITED WE STAND!

I can’t believe to see, that some of you are like the pictures of vandalism and riots in Washington! I can’t believe that some of you are supporting something stupid like that! They destroy the windows and cars of people who have NOTHING to do with their emotions and opinions! What would YOU say, if somebody would do that to your property just because he doesn’t like the Major of the City you are living? Are you serious about that? This has NOTHING AT ALL something to do with personal freedom and the expression of a different point of view! If you are a really that way then better remove me from your friends list!

I wish, I would have the same privilege as you guys have! I was born and raised in a very restrictive system and my home country is turning into the same dictatorship again right now! You all should make this experience! It would help you to come down on the ground !

God bless America and the President of this Country, NO MATTER WHO THAT IS!

Jus a thought…

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